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  • Jan 24, 2019

Lets Learn About Otolaryngology


How do you say it? #SLENT          #ō-tō-ˌler-ən-ˈgä-lə-jē


Ear Picture Audiology



The link above is a great reference to what we do here at SLENT. We treat the simple to the complex. The Ear, Nose, and Throat along with the Head and Neck is complex with the different systems all working together.  We have dedicated staff members that specialize in things such as Hearing and Balance,  Allergy, Sleep Medicine, and general ENT.

Hearing and Balance falls under the “Audiology” department. Audiology is not just a hearing  specialty. It encompasses your balance and equilibrium which is within the inner ear.  Drs. Martinez, AuD and Corneille, AuD are dedicated to this specialty. If you have a balance problem, ringing of the ears, or you seem to ask repetitively what the person next to you is saying, then you may need to have our specialist look into your issue. You can find more information here:  Read More

Allergy and Allergies are a separate department at SLENT because it is also complex. Jordan Cruz, FNP has continued her education beyond her Nursing degrees to specialize and oversee the allergy department. Seasonal hay fever,  rhinitis, otitis media (inner ear infections), chronic sinusitis, laryngitis, sore throatmay be due to an allergy problem.

 Immunotherapy via injectable medications, allergy testing on-site, and management of these disorders are what Jordan and the allergy staff do on a daily basis..  Read More

The Sleep department here at SLENT is important to diagnose such things as sleep apnea, chronic insomnia, snoring, or too much sleep. Dr. James Connelly (who continued his education in a sub-specialty in sleep medicine) and Ally Palmer, BS are here to provide an accurate diagnosis by examination and sometimes a sleep study performed at home. Chronic sleep issues can cause many physical problems if left without a medical intervention.  Read More


Thank you for reading. Special thanks to Dr. Sorrell for wanting to push the awareness of some our South Louisiana Ear, Nose and Throat clinic specialties. More to come soon. 

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