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Adenoids are similar to tonsils, in fact, they are known in the medical literature as “pharyngeal tonsils.” However, an important distinction relates to their location and the medical problems they can cause.
Our balance and our orientation in the outside world are obviously important to even the most basic of human activities.
The ear is a complex and vitally important organ to human beings. It is important for hearing and balance, as well as general health.
Ear Infections
Ear infections (otitis media) can occur at any age, but ear infections most commonly occur in infants (age 1-12 months), toddlers (age 1-3 years), and children (age 3-7 years).
A person’s ability to effectively communicate with others is highly dependent on his or her ability to hear. Unfortunately, our ability to hear can be decreased by a multitude of causes as varied as noise exposure and the aging process.
Our noses and their connected sinuses are important for breathing and for our immune system. They help humidify, warm, and filter the air we breathe into our lungs; these functions also enable them to monitor our external environment for germs and chemicals that might harm us.
The throat is a term that refers to the area located from our oral cavity down to the beginnings of our swallowing tube (the esophagus); it is also referred to as our “pharynx” at times.
Thyroid and Parathroid
The thyroid and parathyroid glands are endocrine (hormone-secreting) glands located in our necks. They both control important metabolic functions via the hormones they produce.
Tonsils that are enlarged or recurrently infected can become a problem for children and adults alike. In some cases, there are even some individuals whose tonsils have become so chronically infected they form foul-smelling rocks (tonsilliths or tonsillithiasis) that can contribute to chronic bad breath (halitosis).
We depend on our voices for communication with the outside world. The organ that gives us this capability is known as the “larynx,” and it is a delicate and intricate organ that is susceptible to many disease processes.

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