“I had a cosmetic procedure with Dr. Guillot and I’m very pleased with my results. Since turning 60, I felt like my face, especially around my jowls and neck, looked tired all of the time and that my lips had lost their plumpness. I had tried non-surgical options but they were not long lasting and did not achieve the look I wanted. I knew that the only thing that would truly correct the problem was a lower face lift, neck lift and lip augmentation. I wanted to make sure I found a properly trained and experienced facial plastic surgeon. Dr. Guillot definitely meets those requirements. Beyond that I had a wonderful experience from the time I first entered his office for a consultation.  Dr. Guillot and every member of his staff were courteous and patient. During my consult Dr. Guillot not only described the surgery, he also pulled my skin and muscle tissue back so that I would have an idea of what to expect after surgery. It was like looking at myself from 20 year ago! I was excited and started looking for surgery dates. I had my surgery at the SLENT Surgery Center and Dr Guillot and his surgical team were very warm and personable and made me feel completely at ease. Surgery went great and Dr Guillot even called to check on me that evening. Dr Guillot and his clinic staff  gave me superior treatment over the next few weeks and showed me how to perform the post op care. When I went to my final appointment I felt a little sad that I would not be back.  It is now 4 months since my surgery and I am loving the results! I don’t tell people that I had a face lift but I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Guillot to anyone considering facial plastic surgery.”

Review from DS