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SLENT announces a new division in their practice, a provider in Hair Restoration, Thomas Ortiz

Thomas grew up along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. After high school he attended Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond, Louisiana. While attending and completing a full time college curriculum in the sciences, he worked in surgery full time.  After completion of his Biology with a Chemistry  Minor, Thomas joined his first hair restoration clinic in Atlanta, Georgia. Here he found his calling in hair restoration (HR) and specifically with follicular Unit extraction (FUE).

In 2003, Dr. J Cole, Dr. Patrick Mwamba,, Thomas Ortiz and Nelson Nance, collaborated together to re-think an old technology in hair restoration. This old procedure was abandoned in the 1980/90’s because it  produced unnatural horrific results. The hair plug as it was called was not only unpopular in HR, it caused the industry as a whole to be untrustworthy and shady.

The team in Atlanta decided to re-invent the wheel, and after months of trial and error, technical difficulties, and long hours, the follicular unit extraction also known as FUE was finally conceived. Instead of a large 3-4.0mm punch that made large “plugs” in the donor and unnatural “islands”  of hair  with spaces of baldness on the recipient area, a much smaller circular punch of 1.0mm  was used. Another important component  to this surgery that was suggested by Thomas was the incorporation of a professional grade Carl Zeiss Surgical loupes to magnify the scalp as though you were looking through a microscope.  Perseverance and time led to a great paid off.  FUE slowly became viable. Thomas also invented one of the FUE instruments used during the extraction process.

Today the FUE procedure is a stand alone primary procedure and/or a secondary option in hair restoration. FUE has spread to all corners of the world. It was recently stated that in India alone an FUE clinic pops up ever 12 hours.

Thomas, Dr. Mwamba, and Nelson parted ways with Dr. Cole after 7-8 years. In their own right every team member successfully increased the awareness of FUE to the masses. Thomas himself worked with many well know leaders in hair restoration industry. These top surgeons such as:  Dr. Jim Harris, Denver Colorado,  Dr. Ron Shapiro, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Dr. Paul Shapiro, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Dr. Arthur Zaccho, Apex, North Carolina, Dr. Bisanga, Belgium, Europe, and Dr. Sara Salas, Tijuana, Mexico all benefited from Thomas’s presence and  are successful FUE providers.

Thomas finally wanted to return to the south to Louisiana and Mississippi. Here he learned that a surgeon, Dr. Jason Guillot at the South Louisiana ENT Facial Plastics and Medical Aestetics clinic in Mandeville, Louisiana, was in need of and very motivated to add hair restoration to his practice.  Dr. Guillot and Thomas met purely by accident and hit it off immediately. Together with their knowledge and surgical specialties, created a new department at SLENT and deemed it SLENT-HR. South Louisiana Hair Restoration. They serve the Northshore, I-12 Corridor from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to Slidell, Louisiana and the Mississippi Gulf Coast. These two are equally passionate about restoring hair with the highest quality,  a pure ethical approach and at an economic fee to the patient.  SlentHR has the most experience is FUE HR in the southern most states to date.

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