If you suffer from allergies, you may have skin complaints that are due to those allergies. You may experience itching, redness, or dryness of the skin. Healthcare providers often refer to this as eczema. Often this is the first manifestation of allergy in children. Children with eczema have an increased risk of developing asthma and allergic sinusitis later in life.

There are topical medications or creams that you may use to help ease the discomfort of allergic skin disease. You could also take oral medication such as, Benadryl®, to mask the symptoms. However, allergy treatment, or allergy shots, is the only “cure” for allergic skin disease. Allergy testing can identify what you are allergic to, and allergy shots can be given to decrease and ultimately eliminate this allergic reaction.

Allergic skin disease can affect both adults and children. The symptoms can be very embarrassing, uncomfortable, and inhibit you from enjoying daily activities.


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