Medical Spa Services

  • We offer several surgical and non-surgical Medical Aesthetic services to meet the needs of those who simply want to rid themselves of wrinkles, or decide to have a more complex procedure such as a face lift.
  • Our board certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Guillot, along with our experienced staff provide consistent quality results.
  • Our Medical Spa Director, Kelly Greene, LME, CLT, is available for an in-office consultation: Monday through Friday 8:00AM-5:00PM
  • Call today to schedule a consult! (985) 231-5301
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Kellly Greene Medical Spa
       Kelly Greene, LME-CLT
       Department Head

Medical Spa Services

This is a popular resurfacing of the facial tissue.
Read more about Dermaplaning
Facial Fillers
These injectables help contour the face or decrease scarring. 
Read more about Facial Fillers.
Laser Treatments
Laser treatments encompasses many areas of the body as well as different techniques.
Read more about Laser Treatments
Vaginal RejuVAnation
This is a type of laser treatment for women. 
Read more about Vaginal Rejuvenation
Chemical Peels
We have a unique set of peels tailored to your needs.
Read more about Chemical Peels
Dermal Fusion
Advanced skin resurfacing treatment with serum infusion which treats hyper-pigmentation, dry skin, photo damage, and acne.
Read more about Dermal Infusion

We carry a variety of medical-grade skincare products, which are recommended to our patients to target specific concerns or prepare the skin for procedures offered in our spa.

Read more about Products.



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