5 Reasons to Consider a Face Lift

5 Reasons to Consider a Face Lift

There are plenty of skin tightening treatments out there, but the face lift will always be the gold standard. If you have deep, static wrinkles caused by volume loss and gravity, a face lift can provide long-lasting, noticeable results in a single procedure. 

SLENT, or South Louisiana Ear, Nose, Throat & Facial Plastics, has locations in Mandeville, Hammond, and Slidell, Louisiana. Our experienced cosmetics team performs a number of plastic surgery procedures, including the traditional face lift.

Benefits of surgical face lifts 

There are plenty of personal reasons you might want cosmetic surgery, and everyone has their own concerns about their appearance. However, face lifts are one of the most popular plastic surgeries in the United States, and most patients seek them out for the same reasons. 

1. Injectables aren’t providing the results you want

Injectables like Botox®, dermal fillers, and even “liquid facelifts” are all over the market, but none of them will provide the dramatic, permanent results of a surgical face lift. 

2. The procedure has improved immensely

Many people, especially older patients, have reservations about plastic surgery. Face lifts have been around for decades, but the technique has evolved over the years. This means it’s been tweaked and perfected, and a good surgeon will be able to provide seamless, natural results. 

3. You want to look younger, livelier, and less fatigued

Wrinkles cause more than your skin to sag; they can also drag down your expression. If you’re tired of looking tired, a face lift can help you look younger and more energetic. 

4. You are beginning to develop jowls

Excess skin around the jaw can create the appearance of jowls, which are difficult to correct with injectables and noninvasive treatments. During a face lift, the skin around the jaw, cheeks, and neck are tightened, eliminating deep lines and saggy jowls.  

5. You want to be more confident and successful

While cosmetic surgery can’t change how you see yourself, it can give you the confidence to pursue your goals. If you want to succeed in your career or love life, this might be the boost you need. 

How to tell if a face lift is right for you 

Cosmetic surgery isn’t right for everyone, which is why it’s important to consult with your surgeon before making any decisions. If you’re concerned about minor wrinkles or sun damage, you might benefit more from other treatments. 

However, If you want to correct your wrinkles for the foreseeable future, it might be time to invest in surgery. To learn more, schedule a consultation with the team at SLENT by calling the location closest to you, or request an appointment online

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