I've Had Chronic Issues with My Throat: Should I Have My Tonsils Removed?

I've Had Chronic Issues with My Throat: Should I Have My Tonsils Removed?

As part of the lymphatic system, the tonsils are one of your first lines of defense against pathogens. However, this also makes them prone to infection. While an acute case can be cleared up with rest or antibiotics, if your throat problems are persistent or recurring, it might be time to begin discussing a tonsillectomy to prevent future infections. 

South Louisiana Ear, Nose, Throat & Facial Plastics (SLENT) has locations in Mandeville, Slidell, and Hammond, Louisiana. The SLENT team can help you if you have recurring tonsillitis, and can confirm whether or not you need to have your tonsils removed.

Tonsillitis 101

Your tonsils are two lymphatic masses located at the back of your throat. If you open wide and look in the mirror, you should be able to see them, even if they’re not infected: two mounds on either side of the back of your throat.

Inflammation of the tonsils is known as tonsillitis, and it’s usually caused by a viral or bacterial infection. Symptoms of tonsillitis include: 

If left untreated, an infection of the tonsils can sometimes spread to surrounding tissue, leading to a peritonsillar abscess. These can grow to cause blockages in the throat, and the pus must be drained before the tonsils can be removed. 

When to consider a tonsillectomy 

Most cases of tonsillitis caused by a virus clear up on their own. Episodes caused by bacterial infection can be addressed with antibiotics. Removal of the tonsils is reserved for patients who experience severe, long-lasting, or recurring episodes of tonsillitis.

You might need a tonsillectomy if you suffer from severe or chronic tonsil-related issues, such as:: 

Even if you don’t fit these requirements exactly, if you regularly experience throat problems, it’s worth discussing what to do about your tonsils with a specialist. You might benefit from a tonsillectomy anyway, especially if you have related ear, nose, and throat issues that cause repeated inflammation.

Wondering if you need a tonsillectomy? You can discuss the details of your case and find out if a tonsillectomy is right for you by consulting with the team at SLENT. Get in touch by calling any of our locations, or visit the contact page for more information. 

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