James Connolly MD Receives Award April-2019

We are excited to announce an award for Dr. Connolly here at SLENT. The award is from the St. Tammany Quality Network and is quoted below. Congratulations Dr. Connolly!


“St. Tammany Quality Network presented the 2019 first quarter Medical Director Award to James for his assistance in the development of a more efficient treatment option for patients with a ruptured eardrum. Dr. Connolly is an active member of the STQN Finance and Contracting Committee and has been involved in the improvement of ear, nose and throat care delivery in west St. Tammany for more than six years.”


St. Tammany Quality Network
1202 S. Tyler St. | Covington, LA 70433
CONTACT: Amanda Paxton | 985-898-4496 | apaxton@stph.org

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