Skin Care Trends-2019 Exciting New Concepts and High TECH Products

Year after year skin has become an important topic with new trends. As technology advances, the demand for newer and better products increases, year after year. We have stated this in previous blogs. Both the plastic surgeons and the companies producing new products cannot ignore this demand.  2019 will be no exception and the prediction is… This year will be the most techie skin product manufacturing to date.

Upon research of 2018’s high tech skincare products, you will not believe that there is a UV wearable sensor that connects via Bluetooth to your skin.  The UV Sensor made by La Roche-Posay will change colors when you have been exposed to too much sunlight. The app will remind you to reapply suntan lotion or to seek more shade when the sun is strong. However, the sensor only lasts for a few days. Oh, it and even air pollution.

Another 2018 trendy skincare product was Bakuchoil, which is a CBD infused moisturizer and a plant-derived form of retinol. Bakuchiol comes from the seed of the plant Psoralea corylifolia and also has an anti-oxidant. The plant derivative has a long history of calming redness on the skin as well as soothing rashes and healing cuts. The retinol-like properties of Bakuchoil act to increase skin turnover. Add the CBD for a light pain control then voila, this product can diminish wrinkles, help with photo damage, etc..

So what’s on track for 2019? What could possibly be fancier than skincare wearable trackers and light chemical face peels? Try this on for size… Pun intended. Neutrogena is going to unveil a 3-D printed facial mask. Why? All sheet masks are not ubiquitous in its fitting on all faces, and the product is wasted while missing parts of your face. So Neutrogena decided to tackle this problem; code-named MaskiD. This will be an App-phone driven product that scans your face, and then a custom mask with the product will be shipped to you. The mask will even have different products for different parts of your face as you add your concerns in the app. Exciting to say the least. However, this launch is not expected until the latter part of 2019.

It seems that 2019 will bring products that are more customized by the consumer. Newer companies trying to compete with large conglomerates such as Neutrogena know that providing a customizable product to the market will provide a more competitive edge than just providing a skin product alone. Apps from these companies will ask what your skincare needs are: Daily routines, work out routines, work exposure to the outside environment, pollution exposure, lifestyle inquiry, etc. After the questionnaire and concern input is completed, a product regiment is offered. Does this sound complicated? Yes maybe cumbersome at first, however, imagine a very specific product created for you for daily use? In my opinion, positive will come to fruition when you have cut out several skin products by one customized product. ALL FROM an APP!

CBD or Cannabidiol is not going anywhere. There are going to be a plethora of these products coming out in 2019. Many companies are infusing CBD into their entire product line. Hemp seed oil as well.

Concept: Hemp seed oil and CBD oil are sometimes thought of as the same product. They are not. Hemp seed oil acts as smoother of skin cells-emollient and is a moisturizer. CBD reduces inflammation.

Both of these products combined with Vitamin A, E, D can be very beneficial to your skin. Look out for these trendy products.

Chemical exfoliators such as Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHA) and Beta-Hydroxy Acids (BHA) will also be at the forefront because these chemicals are a very light form on non-mechanical exfoliation. Scrubs and manual exfoliation can sometimes be harsh so these chemicals can slough dead skin cells with ease.

And lastly, we had previously mentioned plant-based Retinols. Bakuchiol will still be popular because the benefits of a retinol-like product are there without the harsh drying and peeling of traditional retinol products.

2019 will be a great year to watch these trends come to light and again in my opinion, these techie-type skincare products are exciting. Thank you for reading!

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